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  • Who We Are

    At Rubicon Landscape, we’re in the business of transformation with an expanded approach to landscape services that addresses your maintenance, water management and construction needs, as well as ensuring a healthier environment and more productive lives. 

Our services simply deliver more. Much more.

We began over 30 years ago as an enterprise of Rubicon Programs, transforming the futures of families and individuals by supporting the organization’s life-changing work. Today, this mission-based focus shapes our approach.

We hold our work to a higher standard, bringing attention to service, initiative and detail to every job. We pride ourselves in meeting and anticipating your landscape maintenance, water management and construction needs, increasing property values for you, the owner and the occupants. And by building a healthier and thriving community, our partnership with you yields both economic and social value that benefits your company.

Here’s how we deliver more:

  • Our seasoned and skilled management team oversees operations, ensuring high work standards are always front and center.
  • We cultivate a culture of pride, ownership and stewardship and provide ongoing training and excellent benefits. As a result, our employees stay with us longer allowing us to develop qualified service teams committed to providing you with a high level of service, initiative and attention to detail.
  • We’re based in the Bay Area and understand the many microclimates extremely well. We know how watering requirements and pest pressures vary by microclimate, and what types of plants will thrive in each location.  We’ve worked with all the local water districts and their water conservation rebate programs.  Our applied knowledge lessens the draw on natural resources and saves you money.
  • We offer fully integrated services across landscape maintenance, construction and special services. This saves you time in identifying and managing your landscape service providers.
  • We apply environmentally sustainable practices to ensure the health of your property today and into the future.
  • And we direct our profits to Rubicon Programs while providing jobs to some of their clients, supporting the enhancement of the lives of families and individuals.

When you join our client ranks, you’re in the great company of brands and organizations that care about the value of their property as well as the health of the environment and the Bay Area community. Our client relationships include some of the best companies and brands in the Bay Area.