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Rubicon Landscape News

It was great to meet so many community managers while at the CACM trade show in Oakland. A few people asked me about how we arrived at the name Rubicon for our landscaping company. I really enjoy answering that question, and no we’re not named after a Jeep or a trail in the Sierra.  You see, we’re named after a history changing event that occurred over 2000 years ago, and another, less well known series of events, that happened just 40 years ago.

At Rubicon Landscape we’ve made a commitment to sustainable landscaping practices that not only beautify your property, but also support the long-term health of your landscape and the surrounding community. 

Bay Area Landscaping News

At Rubicon Landscape it’s never business as usual.  Naturally, we're here to address all your landscape maintenance, water management and constructions needs, but there's more to our story.  We're also a  non-profit social enterprise, with a special social mission that began over 30 years ago.