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Sustainability: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally.

At Rubicon Landscape we’ve made a commitment to sustainable landscaping practices that not only beautify your property, but also support the long-term health of your landscape and the surrounding community. We concentrate our efforts on three areas:

We're Bay-Friendly 

The Bay-Friendly Landscaping and Gardening Coalition is a Bay Area non-profit organization that promotes sustainable landscaping and gardening practices in the Bay Area.  The coalition encourages holistic landscape practices that include reducing waste and pollution, conserving water, and nurturing the soil. We 've incorporated their seven principles into our landscaping philosophies and practices.

Our Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professionals are available to help you prioritize and meet your sustainable landscaping goals. If you'd like a learn more, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

We take an integrated approach to Pest Management

This means we look to control pests naturally and without the use of harmful artificial chemicals that can do long term damage to our ecosystem. If we have a biologically based product to get the job done, we choose that one, while passing over petroleum based products whenever possible. We take the least toxic method of control and always aim to keep things natural. 

We treat water as a valuable resource

No one knows the need to conserve water better than Californians. With our state facing a pressing drought we know every drop is precious. That’s why we always recommend ways to improve existing irrigation performance and efficiency.  Our irrigation technicians and installation crews have extensive experience working with a wide variety of irrigation equipment, systems, and challenges. We're also an excellent resource if you are looking at larger renovations that include drought tolerant replacement plantings and drip irritation.

Additionally, our Rubicon Account Managers can also help you access rebates from your local water district for improvements that conserve water.  

In Closing

When it comes to sustainability, Rubicon doesn’t just think globally. We act locally, providing services to environmentally sensitive properties and public spaces, including Treasure Island. In 2012 we were awarded a special Certificate of Recognition by the Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Coalition for our conservation and sustainable design efforts in our Berkeley, CA, Harmon Gardens Project.

Want to meet us in person? Stop by our booth at the upcoming Law Seminar and Expo hosted by the California Association of Community Managers this February. Larry Brunink and our Business Development staff will be at booth # 419 representing our organization. We look forward to seeing you there.

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