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Visit Us At The 2016 CACM Northern CA Law Seminar & Expo


Managing a community is a tough job. Everyday has the potential to bring about new challenges. Whether it’s a sprawling suburban HOA or an urban loft community, you want to provide the best. You know how to accomplish your goals, and you need a solid team of trustworthy vendors to achieve them.   Once upon a time, developing a network of vendors you could trust within your industry was something you built over years and you couldn’t just find it overnight. But that’s all changed now.

Since 1991, the California Association of Community Managers has been offering community association managers continuing education classes and the opportunity to connect with industry leading vendors who can get the job done right, on time, and on budget. This year, Rubicon Landscape will be exhibiting at the CACM Northern California Law Seminar and Expo.  We are hoping to make solid connections with HOAs and community managers, like yourself, who are looking for experienced, trustworthy and professional vendors.

Rubicon Landscape is a social mission enterprise that directs a large portion of our profits to our owner, Rubicon Programs, a non-profit organization.  Rubicon Programs helps reduce poverty in the East Bay by helping our socio-economically challenged neighbors secure employment, housing and financial skills.  It served over 4000 clients last year.  Rubicon Landscape also provides supportive employment opportunities for persons with disabilities via a federal contracting program.  We’re excited to have the opportunity to connect with HOA’s and community managers at next week’s Northern California Law Seminar and Expo.

We’re also a commercial landscape company with a track record of successfully building long-term relationships with clients while also providing insightful, prudent stewardship for their landscapes.  We have over 60 professional landscapers on staff who are providing landscape maintenance, water management, and landscape installation services throughout the Bay Area.   We’re ready to help you meet your landscape needs.  Our mission statement clearly communicates our priorities:

At Rubicon Landscape, we’re in the business of transformation with an expanded approach to landscape services that addresses our clients’ maintenance and construction needs, as well as ensuring a healthier environment and more productive lives.

So if you’re looking to make valuable connections across the industry or simply looking for a new vendor to become a solid part of your team for the 2016 year, be sure to meet with us at the upcoming 2016 CACM Northern CA Law Seminar & Expo, Feb. 11th and 12th.  We have made our commitment to support the CACM this year by securing a booth at the upcoming convention.  We will be at booth #419.  So stop by, share a story, or a laugh, or maybe just a warm handshake and explore the ways Rubicon Landscape can help you address the needs of the communities you manage.


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