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  • Environmentally Sustainable Approach

    Our services include environmentally sustainable practices that support the long-term health of your property and the surrounding community.

We use a soil probe to learn more about soil texture and moisture levels. Nuturing the soil is an important component of sustainable landscaping.

Environmentally Sustainable Landscaping

Our expanded approach to landscape services includes environmentally sustainable practices that support the long-term health of your property and the surrounding community. We recycle all our green waste, often mulching and using the chips on-site, and have Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscapers on staff. We use our knowledge to minimize the impacts of conventional landscaping and to create more sustainable landscapes.

Integrated Pest Management

Our weed and pest management approach concentrates on plant health, economic and aesthetic thresholds and the least toxic method of control.  We follow bio-preferred practices, selecting biologically based products over petroleum-based ones.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation is an important component of an environmentally sustainable approach to landscaping. We have the experience and capacity to help our customers conserve water in many different ways, from improving irrigation performance to larger renovations that incorporate drought-tolerant plants and drip irrigation.

To learn how we can help you better manage your landscape irrigation needs, please visit our Proactive Water Management page.

Bay-Friendly Coalition-Member 2016-2017

Bay-Friendly Landscaping

Rubicon Landscape has incorporated many Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening concepts into our landscape maintenance and landscape installation practices. We have had Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscapers on staff continuously since 2008.  We install Bay-Friendly landscapes, even receiving a letter of recognition for our landscape installation at the Harmon Gardens Apartments in Berkeley

Bay-Friendly Landscaping is based on seven (7) principles of sustainable landscaping designed to support and foster the health and diversity of the San Francisco Bay:

  • Landscape Locally
  • Landscape for Less to the Landfill
  • Nurture the Soil
  • Conserve Water
  • Conserve Energy
  • Protect Water and Air Quality
  • Create Wildlife Habitat