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Transforming Lives

Rubicon Landscape was founded over 30 years ago as an enterprise of Rubicon Programs, transforming the futures of families and individuals by supporting the organization’s life-changing work. 

We direct our profits to Rubicon Programs, enhancing its capacity to support the progression of their clients out of poverty while creating employment opportunities for persons with barriers to employment. Rubicon Programs, a 501(c)(3), provides vital supportive social services to some 4,000 clients annually.

When you contract with us, you invest in the enhancement of your property value as well as the transformation of the lives of the clients and families served by Rubicon Programs.

Coast Guard Island, Alameda is an AbilityOne® and Rubicon Landscape customer

Rubicon Landscape and The AbilityOne® Program

Rubicon Landscape participates in the AbilityOne® Program which encourages the federal government  to contract for goods and services with over 500 community-based, non-profit agencies that employ people with disabilities. We have been providing AbilityOne® employment opportunities that transform lives since 1989.